LinkFixer Advanced finds and fixes broken links in hundreds, thousands or even millions of files quickly, easily and automatically! LinkFixer Advanced is the only software tool that uses a patented process to automatically repair broken links in a wide variety of file types. LinkFixer Advanced also provides detailed reporting, including broken link reports, showing links within any files that are not working properly.

Whether you are working with hundreds of files on a desktop computer or millions of files during a data migration, server consolidation or even when implementing a content management system such as SharePoint or OpenText, LinkFixer Advanced Gold allows for a wide variety of files (such as  Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, Windows Shortcuts, AutoCAD, MicroStation, PDF, InDesign, PageMaker, HTML, Flash  and others) to be easily moved or renamed, in batch, along with their linked files, without causing  broken links!
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FileFacets is a cloud-based software that allows you to build out Classification Structures, Metadata Taxonomies and Retention Schedules in an easy to use graphical editor. With these in place you can analyze your file repositories, cleanup trivial files, run de-duplication across and within repositories, classify files using advanced classification methods, extract and apply metadata, and migrate selected files to SharePoint or an ECM system.

FileFacets has been designed to walk you through a proven process, one that has been used to process over 150 million files for some of the world’s largest organizations. Every time you use the software you benefit from the lessons learned from countless similar content rationalization projects.  Contact us for a demo of FileFacets or for special pricing at

TechBoost brings two revolutionary technologies to market in the area of file migration.  Two of the largest challenges in the movement of files in a corporate environment are, the cleaning and classifying of files and the prevention or fixing of broken links that occur when files change locations.  These challenges are easily addressed with the following products.