Demo Analysis and Training  

The demo is the most critical point in your sales process. What happens during the demo will determine whether you add another customer or not. Unfortunately, many demos flop, resulting in wasted time and effort, and missed revenue. With decades of experience and thousands of demos to draw from, we have created a simple process to turn your demos into sales. Download our white paper here.  

Product Design and Product Market Fit 

We can review your current technology and suggest enhancements that will align your technology with the expectations of the market.  Our methodology covers usability assessment, feature review, competitive analysis and market analysis, to make your technology the best that it can be.  Throughout this analysis we provide insight to help your product connect with the intended market.

Sales and Marketing Strategy 

Your Sales and Marketing Strategy covers everything from how you to identify your ideal prospects, to setting the price of your product or service and determining how you will connect with prospects, educate them on your offering and convert them to customers.   For technology companies that have strong development expertise, these services can offer the much needed sales and marketing expertise to help you convert your technology to business.

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If you are a technology company struggling to connect your product or service with the market, TechBoost can help. Our experience in technology ranges from design through to marketing and sales. We offer start-up and post start-up technology companies specialized consulting in the following area that are critical to success: